RDO Medical, Providing Natural Family Planning & Natural Fertility Solutions in Ireland

RDO Medical continues to make Natural Fertility and Non-Hormonal Contraception that bit more practical and more accessible to couples. By offering a carefully planned range of products at a retail and wholesale level we aim to better serve this sector of the sexual health market from Dublin down to Cork.


We have learned through many years of experience that although many couples would like to try out natural methods of contraception and fertility they still need a facilitator to take them from having a desire or simple knowledge through to practicing these methods in their relationship. Sometimes it could be a sexual health councillor or natural fertility coach who can give them the confidence they need to start or it could be having access to products and resources which help them on their way.


Our product range of non hormonal contraceptive products was once considered niche, minority and specialist. Through many years of hard work and through sponsoring educational programmes through the Ethical Family Planning Association we have now bought these products into the mainstream where they belong.


Vegan and Organic

YES Lubricants

YES Organic and Vegan Lubricants YES

YES water based lubricants are compatible with ContraGel, vegan condoms and FemCap.


They are made from all natural ingredients, are completely chemical free, organic and totally vegan.


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Beautifully Vegan

Glyde Vegan Condoms

Glyde Vegan Condoms

These vegan condoms contain no animal by-products and combine quality with value for money.


The packaging is "female friendly" which is somewhat unique in the sector.


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Be Sure!


Cyclotest for NFP

Introducing Cyclotest. For Natural Family Planning (NFP) or pregnancy planning,


Cyclotest has levels of reliability, flexibility and ease of use which make it a hi-tech yet natural solution for so many couples.


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Quality & Innovation


Medintim Sexual Health Products

We are proud distributors of the Medintim range of innovative sexual health products.


Based in Germany, Medintim gained global recognition through ContraGel, the natural alternative to spermicide which has given a new advance in the barrier contraceptive market.


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New Diaphragm Technology

Caya Diaphragms

Buy Caya Diaphragm and Contraceptive Gel

This new innovative diaphragm design creates a new level of reliability and comfort for barrier contraceptive users.


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Intimate Hygiene

Pjur Med

Productos PjurMed

Based in Luxemburgo, Pjur Group has a manufacturing centre in Germany and worldwide distribution.


Pjur Med products are well designed and well thought through and add and extra level of sales to barrier contraceptive and sex toy sales.


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Hormone Free Contraception


FemCap Cervical Cap

El FemCap is a non hormonal, instantly reversible, barrier contraceptive, approved by the FDA and CE as well as being prescribed by the NHS.


As a cervical cap it helps prevent sperm reaching the uterus in order to reduce the risk of pregnancy in fertile women during their Fertility Window.


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Natural & Intimate


Natracare Feminine Hygiene Products

Natracare is an award winning British company.


Using organically sources materials and without using bleaching agents, their feminine hygiene products help avoid irritations and allergic reactions in their users, whilst saving the planet./p>


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Important Testing

Vision ALD

Vision Amniotic Leak Detectors

This new innovative home test advises a pregnant woman if the dampness and excretions which she has could be leakage of amniotic fluids. If so a trip to the hospital would become a priority.


Embedded in a sanitary towel, a colour change indicates the test result.


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